Nalgene® Super Speed Centrifuge Bottles, Polycarbonate

Nalgene® 1000mL polycarbonate centrifuge bottle and modified polyphenylene-ether sealing cap closure with blue silicone gasket is designed to boost productivity and pellet recovery in super speed large volume gross separation applications. Process one full liter in each window-clear bottle at speeds up to 15,810 x G. Graduated wide-mouth bottle simplifies decanting re-suspensions and pellet removal. Smooth inner walls are less likely to shear delicate cells. Ideal for bacterial yeast and tissue isolations. Improve viral harvesting in vaccine production. Reduce shearing in mammalian culture separations. PC offers excellent clarity. Ergonomic design facilitates loading recovery and storage of samples. Recommended operating temperature range is from 4°C to 22°C; storage to -70°C. For proper performance these bottles must be filled to at least 80% of the total capacity. Maximum service life of these centrifuge bottles is 50 cycles. Meets USP VI is non-cytotoxic.