Nalgene® Wide-Mouth Round Plastic Bottles, HDPE Economy

Nalgene® leak-proof wide-mouth sample bottles are economical enough for single-use and environmental sampling applications. These plastic sample bottles are made of disposable break- and chemically-resistant HDPE with polypropylene screw cap closure. Suitable for short-term general purpose Nalgene® laboratory and field applications such as collecting samples and containing working solutions like buffers bench reagents and chemical aliquots. Wide mouth is easy to fill with dry materials or liquids. Translucent. Excellent chemical resistance to most acids bases and alcohols. Thinner-walled and more flexible than the Nalgene Lab Quality Bottle but still guaranteed leakproof. Note: The Nalgene Lab Quality Bottle (Cat. No. 2104) is recommended for hazardous and critical material containment. Nalgene 2189 Series.