Nalgene® Carboys

Nalgene® Rectangular Carboys with Spigot, FLPE

Nalgene® rectangular carboys are manufactured of virgin, fluorinated high-density polyethylene and are furnished with a Tefzel® spigot and a fluorinated white polypropylene screw cap closure. These fluorinated plastic carboys are excellent for storing and dispensing a variety of solvents. Tough rigid and translucent carboy has a space-saving rectangular shape and is also useful for collecting and dispensing distilled water. Fluorinated surface (inside and outside) improves barrier properties and reduces solvent absorption and permeation. Fluorination of the polyethylene plastic enhances long-term container performance and prevents material loss due to permeation. This rectangular carboy also features molded-in graduations and an attached stainless steel handle for easy transport around the laboroatory. Graduated. Leakproof. Nalgene DS2327 Series.

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