Nalgene® Round Carboys with 1.5-Inch Sanitary Flange, Polypropylene, Autoclavable

Nalgene® round carboys are manufactured of natural polypropylene and feature a pre-installed 1-1/2 inch sanitary fitting that is welded in for use as a dispensing port. The carboy fitting is located on side near bottom and provides a secure hook-up allowing the carboy to be used as a supply reservoir to a larger system such as a fermentor or chromatography column. Molded in autoclavable polypropylene and is ideal for sterile storage and dispensing applications. All materials are non-cytotoxic and pass USP Class VI Biosafety Evaluation. Furnished with an 83B PP closure with TPE gasket. Not recommended for use with hazardous materials. Accepts No. 13-1/2 rubber stopper. NOTE: Before autoclaving just set closure on top of the container without engaging the threads. Material: PP carboy sanitary fitting and closure with a TPE gasket. Nalgene 2640 Series.

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