Nalgene® Lightweight Cylindrical Tanks with Spigot, HDPE

Nalgene® lightweight plastic tanks are manufactured from high-density polyethylene and are cylindrical in shape. Nalgene plastic tanks are furnished complete with a floating cover and dispensing spigot. Plastic tanks are also graduated every 0.5 gallons for visible liquid level verification. The polypropylene spigot is installed on threaded HDPE boss which is welded onto tank at factory. The spigot had female threads and a needle barbed spigot which accepts accommodating sized laboratory tubing. Boss fits only Nalgene® tanks. Meets USP Class VI requirements and complies with 21CFR177.1520. CAUTION! Plastic tanks are generally subject to more severe conditions than plastic labware; exposure is constant stresses are greater and different classes and concentrations of chemicals are involved. Please pay special attention to chemical compatibility. Material: HDPE cover and tank with PP spigot. Nalgene 54102 Series.