Nunc™ Cell Culture Dishes With HydroCell™ Low Cell Binding Surface

These Nunc Cell Culture dishes have a HydroCell™ surface which is designed to prevent cell attachment. HydroCell™ surfaces features super-low cell binding capacity with premium quality to inhibit the attachment of adherent cells and enable the formation of cell clusters such as embryoid bodies. A covalently immobilized super hydrophilic polymer forms a thin, even layer on cultureware, resulting in minimal cell adhesion and protein adsorption. Depending on cell type, cells can be grown as a suspension of single cells or cell clusters. Minimal cell adhesion results in high yield of cells and eliminates unwanted adhesion-induced differentiation. Ideal for culturing embryroid bodies, neurospheres, or other anchorage-independent cell clusters. For research and single-use only. Comes with a lid and an airvent. Sterile and non-pyrogenic.

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