Wheaton® Mini Pilot Plant Cell Culture Bioreactors

The Wheaton® mini pilot plant spinner flask system is a large volume cell culture bioreactor designed to scale cultures up to production volumes of cells or products. The bioreactor controls temperature, agitation, pH and dissolved oxygen. Automatic control of pH is maintained via base addition and (CO2‚) carbon dioxide gas. Automatic control of dissolved oxygen is performed utilizing air, O2‚ and N2‚ gases. Temperature is maintained by use of a heating blanket. Stirring speed achieved through manual setting of the Overdrive™ overhead stirrer with variable speed control ranging from 20 to 150rpm. The complete cell culture bioreactor system includes control tower, control tower support unit, Overdrive™ overhead stirrer, glass spinner flask with six sidearms, sparger, heating blanket and a 1-Liter reservoir bottle for buffer solutions. Systems are pre-configured for temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen. Applications scale cultures up to production volumes. Applications include cell culture process optimization, antibody & viral infection studies, hybridoma cell culture methods, insect cel culture techniques, pilot plant studies, economical mass cell production and production of proteins or other cell products.

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