UVP® ColonyDoc-It™ Colony Counter UV Imaging System

The UVP® ColonyDoc-It™ colony counter UV imaging station enables users to process automated, fast and accurate colony counting. The high resolution digital color camera is specifically designed to capture white light and fluorescent marked colonies. Capture colony sizes as small as 0.08mm. The station can accommodate pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33 to 150mm. The system offers researchers detection of bacteria, yeast and mold colonies and decreases time to count.

Users can select from several light sources (dark field, white light epi and transillumination white light, epi blue light) for illuminating a wide range of stained media. GFP fluorescence detection is possible with epi blue light and optional GFP filter. Slide the filter selector to either of the two positions. The software loads on the user's computer and connects to the system for camera control, image capture and analysis. See live preview of the images on the monitor. Automatic colony counting can be generated with detailed statistics reports. Applications include fluids contamination, microbiology studies, antibiotic testing and hygiene studies.

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