Corning® Glass Petri Dish Sets, Economy

Corning® economy glass petri dish sets with cover are flat, clear and made from soda lime silica glass that will withstand repeated sterilization (wet or dry). Petri dish edges are beaded to provide greater mechanical strength. The bead also provides a means to equally space the side walls of the bottom and cover, thereby reducing the capillary action of the condensed moisture on the sides. These petri dishes are not affected chemically or thermally by any of the methods commonly employed in laboratories where sterilization is routinely used. Covered petri dishes are not airtight. The bottom also has a triangular enamel reference point for serial dilutions. The thermal expansion of Soda Lime Glass is 93.5 x 10-7cm/cm/°C. The normal service temperature is 110°C and the extreme service temperature is 460°C. These petri dishes are not designed for rapid thermal shock. Corning® brand Petri dishes should be viewed as a low cost alternative to PYREX® brand Petri dishes, which are made from low expansion (32.5 x 10-7cm/cm/°C) borosilicate glass. They are the suggested replacement for Corning® 70160 series glass petri dishes.

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