Wheaton® Benchtop Mini Roller Culture Apparatus

Wheaton® single deck mini bottle bench top roller culture apparatus is designed for small-scale mixing and agitation. This single-deck unit accommodates up to four roller bottles or culture media bottles within a 38 to 60mm diameter range and up to 240mm in length. The apparatus can also accommodate 38 x 200mm culture tubes for the growth and observation of single chicken or rat embryos. The apparatus features variable speed control from 3 to 45rpm (for 38mm diameter bottles) and 2 to 30rpm (for 60mm diameter bottles). Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°C (104°F). This space-saving roller culture apparatus has a small footprint and is ideal for use in standard incubators and in coldrooms. (Warning: Use in a CO2 environment may reduce motor brush life.) Voltage: 120VAC. 4-Bottle Positions.

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