Wheaton® Serrated Potter-Elvehjem Tissue Grinder Sets

The Wheaton® Potter-Elvehjem tissue grinder has a radial serrated PTFE pestle that disperses homogenate into the mortar cylinder more efficiently. The stainless steel shaft has a diameter of 0.25-inch (6.3 mm). Grinding chamber clearance is .004 to .006-inches (0.1 to 0.15 mm). Depth of the serrations is 0.020 to 0.025-inches. The unit is precisely constructed with completely interchangeable parts, allowing for easier replacement of parts so you don't need to keep pieces matched during cleaning. Homogenizer tissue grinders can be autoclaved or sterilized to prevent cross contamination between samples. Mortars are made from Wheaton-33® low extractable borosilicate glass.

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