Whatman™ Grade DE81 Ion Exchange Chromatography Paper

Whatman Grade DE81 ion exchange chromatography paper is a thin (0.20 mm) DEAE cellulose paper - a weakly basic anion exchanger with diethylaminoethyl functional groups. The ion exchange capacity is 1.7µeq/cm2 wicking flow rate is 95mm/30-minutes. For use with reverse transcriptase assays and DNA polymerase. Whatman Grade DE81 allows for (1) Simultaneous development of multiple samples on the same sheet under identical conditions. (2) Sequential development of the same samples with different solvents and/or different concentrations of the same solvent. (3) Suitable for two dimensional chromatography (change in direction of the solvent front) with possible improved resolution. (4) Used in enzyme assays to separate product from reactant by charge or polarity.

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