Kimble® Kontes® Rectangular TLC Chromatography Developing Tanks with Latch Lid

These Kontes® TLC developing tanks with latch lid are manufactured from sturdy molded glass bricks that will withstand regular use for many years. The clear sides allow unobstructed visual inspection of TLC plates up to 20 x 20cm in size. The top of the tanks are ground flat to match the lids and the edges are beveled to remove any sharp edges. The bottoms are ground to provide a flat, level surface. A raised ridge along the inside bottom allows the simultaneous development of TLC plates. Latch lids are designed to hold them firmly to the developing tank, greatly improving the stability of the saturated environment for developing TLC plates. Latch lids also have a knob for easy removal and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) retainers.

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