Kimble® Kontes® ULTRA-WARE® Conical Bottom HPLC Reservoirs without Graduations, Plastic-Coated Glass

These Kontes® ULTRA-WARE® HPLC reservoir without graduations are plastic coated and has a conical bottom. They have been specially designed for the preparation, storage and delivery of all liquid chromatography mobile phases. Manufactured from the most chemically inert glass available to prevent the leaching of any extractable into the mobile phase solvents. Externally coated with a safety plastic with an added ultraviolet (UV) blocking agent. In case of an accident, the plastic safety coating helps retain glass fragments and allows a reasonable amount of time for the safe disposal of the liquid contents. The plastic coating also blocks virtually all UV light up to 385nm, preventing photo-degradation of light sensitive reagents. ULTRA-WARE® Reservoirs are recommended for use under vacuum for filtration and vacuum degassing of mobile phase solvents. ULTRA-WARE® Reservoirs can also be used at internal pressures up to 6psig for helium sparging and blanketing of the mobile phase. The conical bottom reservoirs deliver virtually all of the mobile phase without dangerous reservoir tilting. All ULTRA-WARE® Reservoirs are supplied with GL 45-4 screw thread. Patent No. Des. 292,824.

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