Kimble® Kontes® ULTRA-WARE® HPLC Economy Three Hole Cap Systems with Flat Bottom HPLC Reservoir Bottle

These ULTRA-WARE® HPLC economy Three Hole Cap Systems include a borosilicate glass reservoir. The cap body is manufactured from PTFE and is supplied with a TFE/propylene O-ring and a polypropylene screw collar. The connecting threads on the top of the cap use standard 1/4-28 flangeless fittings. Two of the ports have 1/8-inch through holes. The third port has a 1/16-inch through hole. Assembly instructions are included. The ULTRA-WARE® Flat Bottom Reservoir is manufactured from Type I, Class A borosilicate glass with a plastic safety coating. The plastic coating also blocks virtually all UV light up to 385nm, preventing photodegradation of light sensitive mobile phases.

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