Millipore® MilliSolve™ HPLC Solvent Filtering Kit

The MilliSolve™ HPLC solvent vacuum filtration system has been designed for the filtration of liquid chromatography (LC) buffers and solvents under vacuum. The system uses a 0.45µm membrane filter to eliminate particles which could shorten HPLC column life. Vacuum filtration with the MilliSolve™ HPLC solvent filtration system removes a large portion of dissolved gases from buffers, which reduces the risk of air bubbles that could interfere with liquid chromatography instruments. Automatic and continuous filtration. No need to add liquids to a funnel as filtration progresses. Closed loop filtration is an important feature when filtering hazardous and flammable solvents and liquids. When open funnel filtration is required the vacuum cover is simply replaced with a 300mL funnel.

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