CoorsTek® Ceramic Bitumen Crucibles

The CoorsTek® porcelain bitumen crucible is designed with perforated bottom has a capacity of 28mL. Glazed inside and out except for outside bottom surface and rim. Ceramic bitumen crucibles are designed for similar applications as Gooch crucibles. CoorsTek® porcelain & ceramic labware has excellent thermal-shock resistance. To prevent thermal stress cracks on porcelain ware, CoorsTek® strongly recommends a heating/cooling rate not to exceed 200°C/hour. To prolong the life of your CoorsTek® labware be sure to follow gradual heating and cooling rates. Use an oven or hot plate as an intermediate step when quicker heating/cooling rates are required. Gradually increase flame intensity when using a gas burner. Avoid contact of heated ware with a cold surface. Carefully inspect your ceramic labware prior to each use. Do not use any product that appears defective.

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