CoorsTek® Filtering Ceramic Crucible

The CoorsTek® ceramic filtering crucible has a porous bottom disc permanently formed into its walls. It features a stable porosity and rate of flow. CoorsTek® ceramic filtering crucibles easily incorporate into many chemical processing, pharmaceutical, mechanical, and electronic applications. Its reliability results from years of experience, advancement, and refinement of manufacturing techniques. In chemical filtration, CoorsTek® Porous Ware can separate solid particles from liquid or gaseous suspensions. Stream flow is not obstructed by the filtering action. For gross particle filtration, clarification, polishing, and sterilization of serums, vaccines, antitoxins, and other biochemical solutions in the pharmaceutical environment, CoorsTek® Porous Ware is ideal. Mechanical and earth science uses include filtration, diffusion, pressure studies, and underground liquid containment studies. CoorsTek® Porous Ware is considered an excellent divider for electrolytic cells. The maximum operating temperatures range from 900° to 1400°C depending upon ceramic composition selected. Variation in temperature will not affect porosity characteristics within their working temperature range.

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