Nalgene® Cryo 1°C "Mr. Frosty" Cryogenic Vial Freezing Rack Containers

The Nalgene® Cryo 1°C "Mr. Frosty" polycarbonate freezing container features a blue high-density polyethylene closure which provides the critical repeatable -1°C/minute cooling rate required for successful cell cryopreservation and recovery. It requires only 100% isopropyl alcohol and a mechanical freezer. These cryogenics storage containers are labeled with graphic step-by-step instructions and holds up to either twelve or eighteen cryogenic vials depending on the model orderesd. Designed for use with size 1mL or 2mL cryogenic vials. The white high-density polyethylene vial holder prevents vials from contacting alcohol thus there is no contamination by wicking or removal of labels or printing on vials. Containers with alcohol can be stored at room temperature saving freezer space. Nalgene 5100 Series.

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