Wheaton® CryoFile® Cryogenic Vial Freezer Boxes

The Wheaton CryoFile® freezer box is designed for low temperature storage of either 1.2mL or 2mL cryogenic vials or glass ampules, provides high quality storage in cryogenic temperatures. The Wheaton CryoFile® XL freezer box is designed for 3, 4 or 5mL sizes. The freezer box design features a sample ID grid which is numbered from 1 to 81 to quickly identify any sample without the hassle of picking through the contents. The numbering system is also printed on the box lid and the bottom of box for easy indexing. Freezer boxes are manufactured from water-repellent chipboard and withstand cryogenic temperatures down to -196°C. The CryoFile® stores 2mL vials. Designed for batching and storing cryogenic vials or ampules.

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