Nalgene® System 100™ Cryogenic Vials, Polypropylene

Nalgene® System 100™ cryogenic vials increase storage capacity by 23% over 81-place boxes. The system consists of two sizes of gasketed vials that can be centrifuged up to 8000 x g in a storage box that holds 100 vials (Cat. No. 5026-1010). System 100™ is the only system that allows the storage of an externally-threaded vial in a 100-place CryoBox. The innovative vial of System 100™ increases storage capacity in mechanical and vapor-phase (LN2) freezers. The gasketed closure ensures leakproof performance in a microcentrifuge (up to 8000 x g) and during shipment. The vial is externally threaded for aseptic technique. White marking area graduations and fill lines are printed on each vial. Radiation sterilized. Non-cytotoxic and non-pyrogenic. RNase/DNase free. Meets Dangerous Goods Regulations for the transport of infectious and diagnostic specimens. Self-standing. Sterile. Nalgene 5000 series.

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