Millipore® Steritop™ Sterilization Bottle Top Filter Units

Millipore Steritop™ bottle top filter units provide large filtration area for rapid and sterile filtration of aqueous fluids into receiver flasks and bottles with threaded GPI necks. For added protection against contamination bottle top threads are slightly recessed in the event that the funnel accidentally touches the lab benchtop. Applications include sterilization of tissue culture media and additives, protein solutions, virus suspensions, DNA, and other aqueous solutions. Millipore AP20 series glass microfiber filters are recommended for use as prefilters for difficult-to-filter solutions. Prefilters may be inserted inside the funnel, on top of the membrane and secured by a convenient tab specifically designed to hold prefilters. Millipore AP20 glass microfiber prefilters are also available separately.

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