Cytiva's Whatman™ Polycap™ SPF Serum Pre-Filter Capsule Filters

The Polycap™ SPF (Serum PreFilter) by Cytiva's Whatman™ has a 1.0µm pore size and stepped barb fittings. It is an exceptional product that is optimized for prefiltration applications and is typically used upstream of a Polycap AS or Polycap PES capsule. Serum is difficult to filter because it contains a high degree of loading of complex particulates lipids triglycerides and lipoproteins that clog filters. When filtering serum without proper prefiltration membrane filters clog rapidly. This filter has three layers of special media: fine and ultrafine glass microfiber (GMF) and polyethersulfone membrane. It is ideal for hard-to-filter solutions such as serums and protein solutions. It is able to be sterilized by autoclaving with steam. This filter is manufactured under an ISO manufacturing system. It is suitable for filtering serums viral suspensions nutrients biologicals immunologicals enzymes and buffers. Prefilters help extend the life of the final filter. Applications Include: biologicals buffers diagnostics standards enzymes immunologicals nutrients serum prefiltration tissue culture media and viral suspensions.

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