Whatman™ Polydisc™ TF In-Line Filters

Whatman™ Polydisc™ in-line filter devices feature a PTFE membrane which are ideal for chemically aggressive solutions, reagents and organic solvents. This lightweight in-line filter is particularly suitable for protective vents and for in-line filtration and isolation applications. These in-line filters also feature a polypropylene pre-filter for use with heavily contaminated samples. Hydrophobic PTFE membranes have excellent chemical resistance when used with solvents, acids & alkalis. Filters are autoclavable multiple times for repeated use within critical & sterile applications. Biosafe and ideal for pharmaceutical applications requiring venting and in-line filtration of liquids and gases. In Biotech applications these in-line filters are ideal for sterization of gases and serve as sterile vents and exhausts for growth environments. In electronics research they are ideal for analysis of photoresists, solvents and gases. Membrane Type: PTFE.

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