Whatman™ ReZist™ 50 In-Line Filters for Air Venting

These Whatman™ in-line filters feature a PTFE membrane which is ideal for chemically aggressive solutions, reagents and organic solvents. Lightweight in-line filter unit is particularly suitable for protective vents and for in-line filtration and isolation applications. These in-line filters provide 1µm retention and also feature a polypropylene pre-filter for use with heavily contaminated samples. Hydrophobic PTFE membranes have excellent chemical resistance when used with solvents, acids & and alkalis. Filters are autoclavable multiple times for repeated use within critical sterile applications. Biosafe and ideal for pharmaceutical applications requiring venting and in-line filtration of liquids and gases. In biotech applications these in-line filters are ideal for sterization of gases and serve as sterile vents and exhausts for growth environments. In electronics research these in-line filters are ideal for analysis of photoresists, solvents and gases. Inlet/Outlet: Hose barb fittings. Membrane Type: PTFE in multiple pore sizes.

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