Millipore® Amicon® Centriplus™ 15mL Centrifugal Filter Concentrators

Millipore's Amicon Centriplus™ centrifugal concentrator filter unit is ideal for concentration of dilute enzymes, antigens, antibodies, viruses ando other macro-molecules. These centrifugal filters are manufactured with a polypropylene centrifuge tube housing and incorporate a low-binding Ultracel YM regenerated cellulose ultrafiltration membrane filter.

Use of these concentratration filtering devices employs an inverted spin method which combines two spin stages - resulting in extremely high sample recovery. Centrifugal concentrator devices include a sample reservoir, sturdy base, retention filtrate vial and secure, leak-proof caps. Devices are recommended for samples with less than 1mg/mL total protein. Maximum sample volume is 15mL. Max RCF: 3,000 x g in either a swing-bucket or fixed-angle rotor. Filtration area: 2.34cm2. Minimum Final Concentrated Sample Volume: 50µL. Concentrator O.D. x Length: 29 x 110mm.

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