Millipore® Microcon® 0.5mL Centrifugal Filter Concentrators

Millipore Microcon® centrifugal filter concentrators are the lab standard for sub-microliter volumes. These centrifugal concentrators are ideal for protein, nucleic acid concentration, de-salting and buffer exchange or removal of primers, linkers and unincorporated labels. Fore effective results, Microcon® centrifugal filter units require centrifugation in a fixed-angle microcentrifuge rotor with a maximum RCF of 14,000 x g. Solute recoveries are normally greater than 95% which are ideal for dilute (ng.mL ranger) protein solutions. Filter units have a deadstop for reproducible concentrate volumes. Use of an inverted spin for concentration retrieval maximizes recovery. The filter contains a low-binding Ultracel YM-10 membrane filter. Color coding indicates the nominal molecular weight limit (NMWL). The filtered sample is normally stored in a standard microcentrifuge tube. 1.5mL size microcentrifuge tubes are recommended for use with these centrifugal filter devices.

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