Millipore® Ultrafree® Centrifugal Filter Concentrators

Millipore Ultrafree® centrifugal filter devices provide your lab with rapid concentration, desalting and purificationin 10 minutes or less normally. This centrifugal concentrator filter is designed with a vertically oriented polyethersulfone membrane for efficient and consistent sample processing. The devices are designed to concentrate, prepare and purify biological samples of up to a 0.5mL sample size. Filters include a Millipore Biomax polyethersulfone membrane with a specific NMWL cutoff. Processed sample concentrates can be recovered after only a single spin. Concentration factors range from 50X to 200X, dependent upon the sample type and particulate level. Ultrafree® centrifugal filters may be used with either fixed-angle or swing-bucket centrifuge rotors which accept standard receiver tubes.

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