Ahlstrom Grade 950 Qualitative Filter Paper, Wet Strengthened

Ahlstrom Grade 950 Slow Speed Wet-Strengthened Filter Paper. Wet-Strengthened Grades: Qualitative wet-strengthened grades are manufactured for applications using filter paper in a system or apparatus that operates under pressure or vacuum conditions. These systems require the use of extremely strong filter paper such as those in Ahlstrom's Binder Series. These grades contain a small amount of chemically stable, insoluble binding resin that strengthens the natural fiber-to-fiber bonds under wet conditions. Grades containing wood fibers or resins containing nitrogen, are not recommended for use in quantitative ashing techniques and in Kjeldahl estimations. Qualitative wet-strengthened filter papers are also used in industrial laboratories where technicians require a strong and economical filter paper with consistent quality and performance. Grade 950: 2.0 µm - Slow Speed. This slow flow rate grade with very good retention is used in the filtration of fine precipitates and super phosphates. Recommended for boiler water analysis applications and gas filtration.