Millipore® Microfil® Sterile Filtering Funnels

These disposable, stackable, light, recyclable plastic Microfil® funnels eliminate autoclaving and minimize waste. "Push fit" Microfil® funnels tightly seal to manifold supports without clamps or O-rings, assuring leak-free operation and uniform microorganism recoveries. This novel filter funnel device lifts the membrane filter after filtration, for easy removal with forceps. The unique Microfil® support filters faster than all-glass filter apparatus.

These disposable filter funnels can be used with manifold mounted filter supports with ¼-Inch valves for laboratory use (See Item# MIL-MIAC01401) or stand-alone, on-site filtration supports (See Item# MIL-MIAC01P01). 100mL or 250mL disposable filtering funnels are available with convenient accessory dispensers (See Items MIL-MIACFD101 for 100mL and MIL-MIACFD201 for 250mL Dispensers). This cost-effective Microfil® system uses pre-sterilized, ready-to-use funnels and membranes on a patented filtration support.

Regulatory Requirements: The Microfil® filter funnel method has been established with reference to International Standards allowing biological analysis to be conducted under optimum conditions and conforms to International Standards for drinking water and mineral water.

1) ISO 7704 - Water Quality - Evaluation of membrane filters used for microbiological analysis - 1st edition 1985
2) Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Waste Water 21st edition 2005.
3) World Health Organization - Guidelines for drinking water quality, Geneva 1993