Whatman™ Extractor EtBR Filter Funnel System for Gel Stain Disposal

Whatman's Extractor EtBr System is a one-step filtration funnel device for the rapid removal of ethidium bromide from gel-staining solutions. This disposable filtration unit contains an activated carbon matrix, which removes > 99% of ethidium bromide from electrophoretic buffer quickly and easily. Each device can decontaminate up to 10 liters of gel-staining solution. After filtration, the decontaminated solution can be safely poured down the laboratory drain. The extractor funnel device fits most standard laboratory flasks and bottles (neck size 33 to 45 mm), and the unit includes a cap for storage between uses. The polypropylene housing is chemically resistant to organics. Also included in the package are glass fiber pre-filters, which remove gel pieces and other debris to avoid premature clogging of the carbon filter.

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