Nalgene® Reusable Filter Funnel with Clamp

The Nalgene® reusable plastic filter funnel is furnished complete with clamp and cover and is designed for use in microbial and particulate analysis. These reusable filter funnels feature the same shape, function and design as glass filtering funnels but are more durable and break-resistant. Constructed of clear polysulfone plastic, these filtering funnels are non-toxic and provide low protein binding. They are also very easy to clean and sanitize for the next use. The upper funnel reservoir is graduated in 25mL increments from 100 to 250mL. No leakage or bypass even after autoclaving. Membrane support plate firmly holds 47mm membrane. Snug-fitting cover has three ports each fitted with friction-fit cap. Spring-loaded all-aluminum clamp holds funnel and stem together yet allows easy access for retrieval and replacement of membrane. Clamp also allows one-handed operation. This plastic filtering funnel may be used with any filtering flask or filter manifold which accepts a No. 8 filter stopper with a 9/16 inch (15mm) hole. Funnels also available separately. Transparent. Graduated. Autoclavable. Leakproof.