Millipore® Hazardous Waste Pressure Filtration System for TCLP

Millipore's Hazardous Waste Filtration System has been designated by the USEPA as a suitable apparatus for Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) using EPA Method 1311. This filtration apparatus separates solid and liquid phases of waste samples. The unit is designed with an interior filter holder with a PTFE coating which prevents metals contamination. It allows easy introduction of bulky samples through a wide entry port which features a removable top plate. Disassembly is simple for easy cleaning and sterilization. Stainless steel construction is fully autoclavable for sterile filtering applications. Filtration chamber accepts 14.2cm membrane filters and pre-filters

Solid 316 Stainless Steel Construction with molded polypropylene handwheels and PTFE seal. Fittings: ½-Inch Sanitary Flange with clamps & adapters for 14mm (9/16-Inch) I.D. vacuum tubing. Includes 1/8-Inch NPTF upstream port for venting & pressure relief. Max Pressure: 6.9bar/100psi. O.D. x Height: 18.4 x 42.2cm. Shipping Weight: 27.1-Lbs.

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