Cytiva's Whatman™ AS Complete Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter System

Cytiva's Whatman™ model AS 300 and 600 series stainless steel vacuum filtration manifold systems are fitted with either three or six stainless steel vacuum filter holders which accept either 4.7cm or 5.0cm membrane filters. This stainless steel filtration apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry heat at up to 180°C. These filtration systems are suitable only for vacuum operation and require a vacuum source. Serial filtration carried out rapidly and easily with a common drainage outlet. If flushing tubes are used, do not exceed 1.3 bar (300 mbar over-pressure). Applications include microbiological quality control, residue analysis and other critical filtration methods. Stainless steel support screens are ideal for use with proteinaceous samples. Choose from 3-station or 6-station manifold filtration models.