Cytiva's Whatman™ MV Series Stainless Steel Vacuum Filter Holders

Cytiva's Whatman™ MV Series vacuum filter holder apparatus are made of stainless steel, which is especially suitable for microbiological applications. These vacuum filter holder assemblies can be used up to 200°C and are autoclavable for sterile applications. Filter holders can also be sterilized by dry heat up to 180°C. Applications include: Microbiology (e.g., Escherichia coli detection), biochemistry, hydrobiology, beverage analysis (e.g. cold sludge in beer), food testing (e.g., ice cream), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water & wastewater analysis, residue analysis, precipitate analysis and contamination tests. Seals are made of either PTFE or silicone. Available in both 100mL and 500mL capacity sizes. Fits either 4.7cm or 5.0cm membrane filters.