Millipore® Hydrosol™ Vacuum Filter Manifolds

Millipore Hydrosol ™ filter holder vacuum manifolds are designed for connection to single vacuum source. These vacuum manifolds feature independent control valves at each station for single or multiple-staion filtration. Millipore brand filter holders are equipped with standard No. 8 perforated stoppers which are easily secured inside vacuum outlets. Vented ports on each stainless steel manifold station to attach Swinnex® filter holders or Millex® filter units to maintain sterility on the test filter's downstream side.

Stainless steel vacuum manifolds are furnished complete with a stainless steel body, filter holder supports, anodized aluminum handles, a stainless steel hose connector and pipe plug. Stainless steel construction allows autoclaving at 121°C (250°F) for sterile filtration applications. Choose from either 3-station or 6-station models to match your laboratory's filtration throughput requirements.

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