IW Tremont Grade A-83 Glass Nano Fiber Filters

IW Tremont Grade A-83 Glass Microfiber Filter Specifications:

  • Grade: A-83
  • Retention(μm): <0.50
  • Borosilicate GMF Type: Nano Scale GMF
  • Thickness(mm): 0.40
  • Filtration Speed (Seconds): 84
  • Basis Weight(g/m2): 82

IW Tremont Grade A-83 Glass Microfiber Filter Paper: Imagine the loading capacity of a binderless glass microfiber filter with the tightly regulated pore size of a microfiltration membrane. Now it's possible with Grade A83 from IW Tremont. This new grade has a particle retention of 0.5um. It has >20x loading capacity of an equivalent porosity MCE or CN membrane and >15x the flow rate. Back pressure is nearly non-existent in comparison to surface membranes.

Chemically inert, pure binderless borosilicate glass with no sizing additives or other surfactants. Low background noise in LC/GC/MS and very low extractables in presence of aggressive solvents. There are many filter materials which make the claim of "nano-scale" fiber, but Grade A83 is tested by an independent laboratory using the latest in fiber analysis and SEM image quantification. With >85% of the fiber content between 300nm -100nm, this material is truly one of the highest surface area binderless glass microfiber products on the market today.

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