IW Tremont Grade Quartz-A Quartz Glass Microfiber Filters

IW Tremont Grade Quartz-A Glass Microfiber Filter Specifications:

  • Grade: Quartz-A
  • Retention(μm): 2.20
  • Borosilicate GMF Type: Ultra-High Heat Quartz GMF
  • Thickness(mm): 0.47
  • Filtration Speed(Seconds): <5
  • Basis Weight(g/m2): 85

IW Tremont Grade QUARTZ-A Glass Microfiber Filter Paper: Fine porosity, high-purity, binder-free quartz glass microfiber filter media with a 99.999% efficiency in air filtration for the retention of 2.20um particles. Flow rate 1.1 - 1.35 m3/min (Resistance 95mmH20@10.5 ft/min). Primarily used in air pollution monitoring, atomic absorption spectroscopy, flame emission spectrometry and other applications where an extremely critical analysis is needed. Effective temperature range of up to 950°C.