IW Tremont Multi-Density Filter Disks for Botanical & Cannabis Extractions: 1.2um Final Retention

The IW Tremont Multi-Density Filter Disk is manufactured with 100% binderless, borosilicate glass which features several layers of density along with a unique surface formation that speeds and optimizes filtration. These filter disks can handle botanical extraction tasks typically considered too challenging for other filter products. This unique product bridges the gap between macro and micro filtration.

These Multi-Density Filter Disks have a final retention stage of 1.2um. The robust pre-filter captures particulates from >300um and binds typically difficult to filter substances without clogging such as: lipids (Natural Fats, Oils and Waxes), tars, cellular matter, proteins, irregularly granular material and viscous suspensions and slurries. These Multi-Density Filter Disks also have been optimized to meet the extreme demands of high fluidic volumes including: Manifold Vacuum Filtration, Short Path Extraction Methods, High Fluidic Volume Filtration, Buchner Funnel Filtration, Positive Pressure Filtration

The flow and drainage rate is exceptionally rapid via the filter's highly irregular surface formation which has both high and low points which aid in the reduction of surface loading. The unique fibers which sit on the outermost sufrace of the pre-filter side are designed to extend up and add further pre-filtration structure similar to glass floss. In standing solutions, the pre-filter side resists compaction causing surface plugging found in other common filter configurations.

The filter is free of binders, glues and resins which ensures a higher-purity filtrate. They also impart very low signature or background extractables which negatively affect extract quality. This filter replaces multi pre-filtration stage products in applications where a series of pre-filters are used to prepare samples prior to membrane filtration which saves you time and reduces variability in extract signature upon analysis methods. Lastly, the borosilicate glass microfiber construction of this filter disk is highly resistant to aggressive solvents, acids and bases with a usable range of 0 to 14pH and a wide effective temperature range of -200 to 500°C. The final filtration stage is available in the same porosity range of IW Tremont's binderless glass microfiber line of products including Grade A-83 Nano-Scale filters.

  • Not compatible with hydrofluoric acid solutions.
  • (Glass microfiber filters may become brittle and susceptible to cracking at <-100*C).