Millipore® AP 15 Glass Fiber Filters with Binder, 1µm

Millipore® AP15 glass fiber filters have the lowest dirt-holding capacity of any grade Millipore glass filter. These glass micrfiber filters are recommended as a prefilter for removing particulates between 0.2 to 0.6µm in particulate size.

Millipore glass fiber disc filters have superior wet strength and are also designed for qualitative analysis and prefiltration, especially for heavily contaminated liquids. These glass microfiber filters with binder resin are also widely used for clarification of aqueous solutions. Filters can be sterilized by EO, gamma irradiation, or autoclaving at 121°C at 1 bar. Pore Size: 1.0µm; Thickness: 790µm. Water Flow Rate: 1.6mL/Minute x cm2; Porosity: 90%; Protein Binding: 100µg/cm2.