Millipore® AP40 TCLP Filters for EPA Method 1311 & Standard Method 2540 D

Millipore® AP40 TCLP glass fiber filters are recommended for USEPA Method 1311 for TCLP analysis. These glass fiber membrane filters are recommended for Standard Method 2540 D for Total Suspended Solids Testing (Examination of Water and Wastewater Standard Methods). Additionally, the are also ideally suited for determining volatile suspended matter in wastewater and industrial effluents.

Millipore® AP40 glass microfiber filters without binder resin retain their structural integrity without weight loss when heated up to 500°C and can therefore be used in gravimetric analysis as well as for the filtration of hot gases. Glass fiber filters can be sterilized by EO, gamma irradiation, or autoclaving at 121°C at 1bar. Pore size: 0.7µm; Thickness: 475µm; Water Flow Rate: 6mL/Minute x cm2.