Millipore® RW Reinforced Membrane Filters

Millipore® RW reinforced membrane filters can be used to remove contaminants from a variety of liquids and gases. The filters have a high dirt holding capacity and a low pressure drop, which makes them ideally suited for reducing contaminant levels in advance of sterilizing-grade filters. RW filters are made from non-shedding materials. The filters retain contamination on the surface of the cellulose membrane.

Manufactured from homogenous microporous polymers consisting of mixed cellulose esters combinde within a polyester webbing. Thickness: 200µm; Porosity: 70%; Wettability: Hydrophilic. Sterilization: Autoclave (121°C at 1 bar), Ethylene Oxide or Gamma Irradiation Methods; Max Operating Temperature: 70°C.