Millipore® Isopore™ Brown Track-Etched Polycarbonate Membrane Filters

Millipore's Isopore™ brown track etched membranes are compatible with immersion oils, including Type B and Type F. Millipore's Isopore™ membrane filter is a polycarbonate, track-etched screen filter recommended for all analyses in which the sample is viewed on the surface of the membrane. Isopore™ membrane filters offer distinct advantages for the analysis of airborne contaminants and other particles using optical or electron microscopy. The Isopore™ membrane is composed of polycarbonate film, which has a smooth, glass-like surface for clearer sample observation.

The unique manufacturing process of the membrane ensures a precise pore diameter and a consistent pore size for accurate separation of samples by size. Isopore™ membranes do not stain resulting in low background interference. Clearing is not necessary for most transmitted light microscopy. Matched-weight filters are not usually required because of low, constant tar and ash weights. Isopore membranes are non-hygroscopic, which permits rapid drying and reduced sample analysis time. NOTE: Brown color may fade after autoclaving for sterility.