Cytiva's Whatman™ Cyclopore™ Track-Etched Polycarbonate Membrane Filters, White

Cytiva's Whatman™ Cyclopore™ track-etched membrane filters are manufactured using proprietary technology to produce a precision membrane filter with a closely controlled pore size distribution. Cyclopore™ membranes are true pore size microporous membranes featuring sharp cut off and reproducible microfiltration performance characteristic of track-etched membranes. The smooth flat membrane ensures particles are retained on the surface so that they are easily visible under a microscope. Membranes are produced from a pure polymeric film and give exceptional chemical cleanliness. They are free of contaminants have low tare weight minimum water adsorption and very low levels of non-specific protein binding. Membrane: Hydrophillic Track-Etched Polycarbonate.