Cytiva's Whatman™ Membrane-Butler Filter Dispenser System

Cytiva's Whatman® "Membrane-Butler" Membrane Dispensers for Microbiological Control

Membrane filters for microbiological checks must be handled carefully to ensure that they remain sterile and that quantitative results are being obtained.

Manual or Automated Membrane Filter Dispensers

Cytiva Whatman's "Membrane-Butler" offers optimal handling for all MicroPlus and ME membrane filters with the type name'STL' (Sterile membrane filters). When the membrane dispenser box is placed in the Membrane-Butler, the sterile packaging is inserted into the roller system and the system is ready. With each manual turn (Manual Butler) or by pressing the push button or the foot pedal (Membrane-Butler E) a membrane filter is ejected from its sterile packing. At this point, the membrane filter can be removed easily with forceps.

Features and benefits:

-High reliability

-Simple handling with foot switch and stepper motor (applies only to Butler E)

-Cross contamination risks are minimized

-Membrane dispensed rapidly

-Ideal for use on sterile benches

-Compact dimensions for portable use

Whatman® MicroPlus brand membrane filters are the preferred choice for the MBS I Microbiological Vacuum Filtration System when used in the beverage industry. Wherever viscous or particle-loaded solutions are to be filtered, Whatman MicroPlus membrane filters are the best choice because of their matchless stability and non-blocking design. Filtration speed is optimized due to high flow-through, ease of use and elevated reproducibility which the MicroPlus membrane filters offer.

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