IW Tremont Cellulose Acetate Membrane Syringe Filters

IW Tremont cellulose acetate membrane syringe filters are high-quality and cost-effective with a broad range of membrane diameters and porosities. They are fully disposable and available in both pre-sterilized and non-sterile packaging options. The syringe filter housing is manufactured with high-purity, virgin polypropylene with no pigments or dyes added. For added reliability, the syringe filter housing is ulrasonically bonded together to prevent any cracking or leakage. The filter membrane type "Cellulose Acetate" is also clearly inscribed on the barrel of the housing for quick identification.

Hydrophilic Cellulose Aceate Membrane Features:

  • Very low binding capacity for proteins
  • Nitrate-free membrane makes it suitable for groundwater and EPA ASTMs
  • Filtration and clarification of biological fluids, sterilization of media additives and serum
  • Sample preparation for aqueous fluids
  • Filtration applications requiring maximum sample recovery
  • Sample preparation of protein-based HPLC solutions
  • Designed to sterilize and remove particulates from even the most viscous proteinaceous samples