IW Tremont Grade A83 Glass Microfiber NanoScale Syringe Filters

IW Tremont Grade A83 NanoScale glass microfiber syringe filters are high-quality and cost-effective with a broad range of membrane diameters. They are fully disposable and available and non-sterile. The syringe filter housing is manufactured with high-purity, virgin polypropylene with no pigments or dyes added. For added reliability, the syringe filter housing is ulrasonically bonded together to prevent any cracking or leakage. The filter membrane type "A83 GMF" is also clearly inscribed on the barrel of the housing for quick identification. This new grade of A83 glass microfiber membrane syringe filters has a particle retention of 0.5um and as greater than twenty times (20x) the loading capacity of an equivalent porosity mixed cellulose esters (MCE), cellulose nitrate (CN), PTFE or PVDF membrane. They also provide fifteen times (15x) the flow rate of the aforementioned filter membrane types.

Back pressure is nearly non-existent in comparison to other surface membrane filters. They are manufactured with chemically inert, binderless borosilicate glass microfiber with no sizing additives or other surfactants. They also provide low background noise in LC/GC/MS and very low extractables in the presence of aggressive solvents.

Grade A83 NanoScale Glass Microfiber Membrane Features:

  • Hydrophilic for both aqueous and solvent sample filtration applications
  • Extremely high surface area with single fiber chemistry - no supplemental materials or metals
  • Excellent protein recoveries with a porosity of 0.5um.
  • Reduces operator fatigue in syringe filter use
  • Safer operation - reduces possibility of side bursts or blow-outs
  • Chemically stable and resistant to solvents, bases and acids with the exception of hydrofluoric acid

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