IW Tremont Low Volume 4mm Syringe Filters

IW Tremont 4mm Diameter Syringe Filters: These 4mm Luer-Lok syringe filters have the same ultrasonically-welded construction as the other diameter sizes in our line, but are designed for very small fluidic volume (>5ml). The design of the filter housing has been specialized without over molding to increase the high pressure load capacity which is inherent in small surface area throughput devices.

Proportionally longer than normal outlet slip-port for accurate dispensing into small wells and vials. The small size affords a very small dead volume. This allows smaller sample sizes, less waste and higher recovery rates.

HPLC certified and low extractables. Identical high grade polypropylene housing and membrane chemistries used in IW Tremont's full line of syringe filters.

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