IW Tremont Nylon Membrane Syringe Filters with Glass Microfiber Prefilter

IW Tremont Polyamide Nylon Syringe Filters with Glass Microfiber Pre-Filter. These syringe filters are HPLC certified, high quality and cost effective. They feature both a Luer-Lok and pressure fitting with an ultrasonically bonded housing construction for consistent reliability. Each syringe filter is clearly imprinted with the filter media type as well as the porosity of the filter right on the barrel of the filter. You can depend on consistent results with excellent unit-to-unit and lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility. The housing is manufactured from high purity, virgin polypropylene with no dyes or pigments added. The unique concentric, funnel-shaped barrel of each syringe filter increases volume and decreases back pressure. These syringe filters are available in both "Sterile" and "Non-Sterile" versions.

Hydrophilic Polyamide Nylon Membrane Filter Material Specifications:

  • Hydrophilic material which is recommended for filtration of aqueous or organic-aqueous medium polar lipids
  • Ideal for general laboratory filtration or filtration of GC and HPLC samples prior to injection
  • Dissolution of sample analysis
  • Suitable for samples with a high pH level
  • Since it binds proteins, Nylon filter media is NOT suitable for protein recovery applications.

Glass Microfiber Pre-Filter Material Specifications:
  • Designed for viscous solutions or for turbid liquids
  • Designed for viscous solutions or for turbid liquids
  • Manufactured with binderless, glass microfiber with 1um retention
  • Excellent compatitibilty with strong acids, bases and organic solvents
  • Reduces clogging for primary membrane filter, allowing higher flow rates

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