Millipore® Millex® 25mm Syringe Filters, Non-Sterile

Millipore® Millex® 25mm syringe filters are manufactured in a controlled environment for consistently reliable performance using an automated process. Human hands never touch the filter during assembly. A Certificate of Quality included in each box describes Millipore's quality standards in detail. Non-Sterile. Choose the membrane type of syringe filter that meets your laboratory's specific application which includes:

  • Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filters are designed for particle removal and preparation of organic solvents prior to chromatography analysis or other instrument analysis.
  • MF-Millipore mixed cellulose esters membrane filters are designed for fine particle removal from aqueous solutions
  • Hydrophilic LCR PTFE membrane filters are low protein binding and designed for sample preparation and fine particle removal from solvents, aqueous and organic solutions
  • Durapore® PVDF designed for fine particle removal from aqueous and mild organic solutions